Warrior Spirit

Systema Training in Prague

To be Calm in the face of adversity, 

Brave in the pursuit of discovery,

Creative instead of destructive,

Agile in moments of suppression,

Humble in times of success,

is to experience Freedom in the body, mind and soul.


In the training, we are learning to play with external forces and pressures that are being applied to us. Can we remain calm and comfortable whilst under the pressure of being attacked, or being at the limit of our physical capabilities? How we respond to these pressures often mimic the way we respond to external pressures in everyday life, such as, pressure from your partner, family and professional situations.

Martial Conditioning Classes

Based on Systema Martial principles. Enhance your health and conditioning, remove stress and rejuvenate through unique dynamic individual and partner work exercises.


Workshops give the time and space for the principles to develop within. We run Monthly Workshops and Weekend Camps.

Kids Classes

Exercises for kids with combat elements, focusing, on a well-functioning body, games for coping with stress, working with breath and improving coordination and balance.

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